The Meandering Social Worker

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I qualified in England with the DipSW in 2001 and completed the PQSW in 2005, including the NVQ Assessor’s Award.  I have worked in child protection and fostering, for a local authority on the ‘front line’, with the independent fostering sector and as an independent social worker, in London and the south of England.  I am currently taking a travel sabbatical, hence the first meaning behind the title and by-line of this blog.  Away from the day to day pressures of the job, while experiencing other cultures and environments, travelling is a chance to take a balloon’s eye view of my home country and my profession.

The Blog

This blog is one of my outlets for my enjoyment of reading, studying and writing.  There is no intended focus or subject line, hence the second meaning behind the blog title and by-line, merely that the content will be in some way related to the interests of some or most practitioners of social work (or related professions) at some level.  There is no schedule, no blog a day or week commitment to write to.  Just an expression of what I have found interesting and what has moved me to write.  It is an outlet for my views on some subjects, to air questions that might have challenging or conflicting answers, or simply to share thoughts, ideas and things that might be of interest.

I have come to believe, alongside ‘the academics’ I should add, that social work is far more of a political profession than many new social work students and young practitioners realise, and readers may find this reflected in what I write!

Comments and discussion welcome.


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  1. Hello,
    Are you opening to reviewing a biography? Like to send you my pitch but can’t find your email.

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