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The new Work and Health Programme: the government plan social experiments to “nudge” sick and disabled people into work

A well researched look into the government’s pursuit of the sick and disabled to bring them, often in an unrealistic manner, into the workplace.

Source: The new Work and Health Programme: the government plan social experiments to “nudge” sick and disabled people into work


A Leaflet From The DWP- It’s About To Get Worse For Disabled People

Same Difference

I spotted this late last night on the ATOS Miracles Facebook page.

This was sent to us from  an inside source on dwp intranet
From the DWP intranet page- watch them spin it as working for your welfare you’ve not got the skills etc to get work after years out of the Job market so these employers are wiling to work with dwp to
Enable those without skills to get skills. If you don’t comply we will sanction you, so tesco etc will get free labour again under the guise of being altruistic
When IDS said relentless he meant it. I can just hear him saying the above.

dwp intranet

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I came across this story by chance. I can’t improve on it, it stands as it is, as an amazing example of the sensitivity needed in dealing with children who have been neglected or abused in some way. It’s why we do the jobs we do – whether we are social workers, foster carers or adoptors or any number of the allied professions. Thank you to the original author for being happy for me to re-blog her post.

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog

Marie, who is profoundly deaf, came to live with us at the age of 7 years old.  At first she appeared to be your typical “tom boy”, but then she began to exhibit symptoms of being something more…symptoms of being an actual boy.  Quite simply, she TOLD me she was a boy.  She would only wear boy clothes, (including boy’s underwear.)  She refused to use the Ladies Rest Room so we found the family and unisex restrooms if she had to go to the bathroom in public.  She begged me to let her get her hair cut short, but her birth mother’s rights had not yet been terminated and she would not give permission for Marie to get a haircut, so Marie would pull it up in a pony tail on top of her head and wear a baseball cap everywhere.  She looked like a boy and she acted like…

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Who says?

2012 12 16 - disabled sign in Copec garage toiletsI am so familiar with discussions in the UK over the choice of language and how it impacts on how we see other people, including the wide range of words and phrases that surround the concept of “disability”, that my first reaction when I saw this sign in a Chilean public toilet, was one of shock and repulsion.  To my English mind it sounds like “less valid”, and if I turn to my Spanish-English dictionary that is how it translates.  Google Translate tells me it means “handicapped”.

I’m not sure I want to say anything else about this sign, except that I hope it serves as a reminder as to (a) how much we have moved on in the last 100 years and (b) how much more there is still to achieve.


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