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The Cause of Poverty?

This blog leads to a couple of very interesting articles on the history and creation of poverty. In a nutshell: the roots of poverty as we experience it today began with the Enclosures of 18th Century Britain, colonialism and slavery, and the modern systems of market management, capitalism, attitudes to money, and the loss of community values.


Austerity is a Political Choice not Economic Necessity

Think Left

By Prue Plumridge

Last week Matthew Lyn (a columnist for Bloomberg) wrote in an article published in Money Week that, “the policies on offer under Corbynomics would quickly ruin the economy”. This was followed shortly afterwards with another written by no less than a Labour councillor and published on Labour List which assured us that Cutting the deficit, healthy public finances, running a budget surplus, fiscal responsibility, and prudence [..] are not Tory ideological dictums but sound economic strategies that had served Labour well in the past. Embracing these goals and persuading Britain that we can be trusted on economy is a key to winning power.”

However, if were to take the trouble to understand how our economic and money systems actually work we would soon learn that such statements are either born of economic illiteracy or wilful deceit in order to pursue specific political agendas. This can largely…

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